Friday, March 15, 2013

Buy this now.

Actually don't...actually do. I consider myself pretty highly evolved, but I am only a little ashamed to admit that I could live solely on pepperoni pizza and ice cream for the rest of my life. Granted, it would probably be a short life plagued with any number of health issues, but I could do it nonetheless.

One of my favorite jobs I've had was working in a local ice cream shop in high school. I could sample all of the ice cream and make mini-milkshakes to my heart's content! Heaven! My high school metabolism and active membership on the swimming and lacrosse team also combined to ensure I didn't weigh 400 pounds. Double heaven!!

I've heard of the splendor of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream (of course they came to Nashville after I moved away), but hadn't had the opportunity to try it. But as I wandered the aisles of my local Fresh Market yesterday, I found several pints for $10.99...yep, $10.99 for a pint of frozen yogurt. I consider quality frozen yogurt an investment, so of course I went for it.

But, oh that frozen yogurt...I ate half a pint before looking up. I got the lemon blueberry flavor, and oh my gahhhhhh. It was creamy and tart and sweet, but not too sweet, and yummmm. Just take it from me and set up a date with a pint of this bad boy.

Happy Friday!



ps: I was not paid in any way to do this post, but if anyone wanted to send me a case of the entire frozen yogurt collection, I would give you many hugs.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Resolve and Cheesecake

First, it's my dad's birthday today! Happy birthday, daddy! I love you so much!

Remember that time I stopped blogging for three months and totally missed the chance to be all sappy-sappy about the new year? Well guess what kiddos, it's my blog, and I can pretend it's the New Year again if I want.

When I dusted off the old blog dashboard, I discovered a half-written post about resolutions. It was half-written because my resolutions were half-made, and I was only half-committed to them. It's unfair that the new year comes at such a gloomy, cold, rainy, blah time of year. So, since this is my small corner of the world, I'm declaring March 13 New Year's Day re-do! The weather is getting a little spring-ier, and I'm feeling a little more willing to change out of my sweatpants, break my death-grip on my bowl of mac and cheese, and leave off on my Netflix Instant Queue for a minute.

So here we go...this year, I will:
  • Play fetch with my adorable puppy more often because I love him more than I love most people I know.
  • Go to the gym more often because it makes me feel better about myself and more confident. Also, Michelle Obama says that I should move at least 30 minutes a day, and not to get political, but have you seen her arms?
  • Drink more water because it makes me feel glow-y. I will NOT give up caffeine because I shouldn't have to do that. So there. Also, sometimes the soda water in my vodka drink counts as water. Actually always.
  • Go out with friends on Friday nights more often (even when I'm tired) because I always end up regretting staying in around 10pm and get all mopey.
  • Cook actual meals (not Kraft macaroni and cheese) for just myself because I deserve actual food and actually like to cook (don't tell my boyfriend).

Gosh, that was a lot of words! If you made it this far without changing the channel to Pinterest, then you deserve a treat!

I made these cheesecake-stuffed strawberries on Valentine's Day, and they were delicious! The recipe is here. You should make them because they're healthy...they have fruit! Make them and be happy!



Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Anybody Out There?

Well hello again bloggy-world! I feel like I'm crawling out from under a rock blinking at the bright lights. Yes, it been about three months since I last it's starting to feel like confession. I was feeling a little uninspired, so I took a break.

As I always do when looking for blog inspiration, I turned to my nugget-turned-supermodel (in his mind at least), Gatsby. We ventured up to the Great White North Northern Virginia for "spring" break last week and were snowed in, y'all! Seriously, there were like 2343972 inches of snow. Gatsby trekked through the tundra while my aunt and I watched an embarrassing amount of coverage of the Jodi Arias trial (right?!)

Blazing an intrepid nugget trail

Sniffing around

When you're about six inches tall, climbing out of five inches of snow can be tough.

Seriously, though, thank you to my aunts for a fabulous was just what the doctor ordered! Gatsby and I can't wait to come back!

And to the three of you (my aunts and mom) who read this...I'm back!