Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Just Look Up

My mom sent me a sweet happy she captured that I'd like to share...

Wouldn't it be nice to, when you are in need of a happy, just look up and see one written in the sky for you? All this packing and moving business sometimes has me dangerously close to one of these, and it's nice to be reminded that, when in search of happy, all I need to do is look up.

...and if that doesn't make you smile, this definitely should...
That would be Ben & Jerry's Raspberry Fudge Frozen Greek Yogurt. I mean...I can't even...

And no, no part of this is sponsored by Ben or Jerry, although I would gleefully welcome free treats in return for enthusiastic reviews. Hey, every girl has her price.

Happy Tuesday!



Monday, July 30, 2012

Movin' On Out

I hope everyone had a happy weekend! I'm in the middle of a move and am without a place to live for the two-ish weeks, so I'm going back to my parents' house in Florida on Wednesday to ride out my homelessness in style.

This is my fourth move since I graduated from Clemson in 2009 (fifth if you include my three month stint in a pool house in Nashville), and I have to say, this one hasn't been easy. You'd think moving less than 5 miles away would be a piece of cake, right?

Here are a few pictures from the weekend (I'll spare you pictures of sweaty and icky me; you're welcome.):

Packing peanuts are not only a helpful tool for cushioning plates during a move...they are also a tasty dog snack, apparently. I caught Gatsby snacking on these on more than one occasion. Good thing they're made from cornstarch?

When you're not that interested in buying lots of boxes, you rely on what you have around the house...like wine cases...

After a while, I got bored with labeling boxes the boring way ("Bedroom--Dresses") and started thinking outside the...um...box.

In other news, being adorable is exhausting.

I like to think of myself as a sort-of expert on moving at this point since I've done it so many times. Even so, moving definitely ranks up there as one of the more annoying experiences one can have. Do you have any little-known moving tips to make the process smoother?

Have a happy week!



Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Happies: Gratuitous Nugget Photo Edition

Happy Friday! I've been out of town the majority of the week at a teacher conference, and I have to say it came at the perfect time. I've done a whole lot of nothing rejuvenating this summer, so this was the thing to get my butt in gear for planning for the new year. 

But, because of said conference and the arrival of this behemoth in my driveway in the next few hours, I haven't really had the chance to take a whole lot of pictures of things that make me happy this week. What's a girl in search of happies to do? Well, duh...rely on the happiest of happies...my sweet nugget. The BF watched Gatsby this week while I was gone (I got him a new bad ass harness and leash set for the occasion...Gatsby, not the BF, don't be weird), and he sent me lots of photos.

Sleepy boy

Clearly, we're a big fan of the over-the-shoulder look.

I know I'm a crazy dog lady, and the first step is admitting it, right?

Have a happy weekend!



Thursday, July 26, 2012


Guys, the Olympics start (starts?) this week. I LOVE watching the Olympics, especially swimming, track and field, and gymnastics (which I'm pretty sure are almost everyone's basic faves).

I may not be an Olympic athlete, but it doesn't mean I can't look like one, right? OK, it probably absolutely means I can't look like one, but anywho, there is some seriously fun Olympics fashion circulating now that would be PERFECT for drinking an American beer on the couch while watching super humans swimming their hineys off.

The top three shirts/tanks are all from Gap's Olympic vintage T collection. My favorite is the blue one! I like to envision myself wearing the tank top on the bottom while cycling for Team USA in spinning class at the gym. Even better? All of the above options are $30 or less! Really want to show your Olympic pride? Karl Lagerfeld is debuting an Olympic-inspired collection this week...preview here. We're #1!



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teacher Fashion

And no, that's not an oxymoron! Or at least it doesn't have to be. I'm about to enter my fourth year as a teacher, and I can definitely say that of all the things I've gotten better at as a teacher during that time, a very important one would be choosing appropriate footwear. During my second year, I had a co-worker that wore heels (and I'm talking heels) almost everyday and smiled all the time. All I can guess is that she was an alien and was not to be trusted. As for me, I don't want to go into detail about the day I decided to wear heels to school and the out-of-control blisters that resulted. It's too gross. Just learn from my mistakes; wear flats if you want to be happy.

But just because most teachers choose to wear flats doesn't mean that most teachers need to end up looking like they have orthopedic problems. Here are some fun choices that are just as arch-supporting as they are cute.

Toms are my go-to shoe. They are seriously the only shoe I've ever worn that I can wear all day without my feet even being a little sore. And how awesome is this pattern?!

Antonio Melani flats are AMAZING. They have a memory foam in them that makes it feel like you are walking on happy clouds. Plus, I love this classic caramel color.

Another fabulous option from Antonio Melani. Classic shape, classic colors, but with a fun pattern-y twist. Love!

Some days you just need a little bling. These BP flats are way fun, from their shiny, snakeish pattern to the rock star jewel-encrusted toe.

This is my kind of back to school shopping!



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

DIY Jewelry Organizer

After stepping on a bag within a bag and breaking one of my favorite necklaces, I knew I needed a way to organize my jewelry that helped me see what I actually had (and kept it safe from inadvertent stomping). Pinterest to the rescue yet again! I saw a few variations, but settled on something like this. Instead of hooks, I decided to use drawer pulls/knobs, which I had seen in some other varieties.

It turned out really well, and I LOVE looking at it every time I go into my bathroom. It will probably go somewhere in my bedroom or closet in my new place, but you could definitely hang it on the wall, too. You would just have to make sure you really anchor it in there.

Supplies: frame (I used a 16" x 20" open back frame that was on sale at Michael's), fabric, wood cut to frame size (I used a piece that was about 1/2" thick), wood glue, knobs/pulls, drill, screwdriver, spray adhesive

I made this about a week ago and didn't have the presence of mind to take a lot of pictures, so...sorry about that. I know that pictures are way more cool.

1. Drill holes for knobs/pulls where you want them in the wood.
2. Spray adhesive and place fabric on the wood (press out any air bubbles). I used wood glue to glue the fabric down on the back:

3. Screw the knobs and pulls into place on the board. Once I did this and put jewelry on it, I realized I didn't like the placement anymore, so I had to McGuyver some new holes (I don't have a power drill like the bf does...) Here's the original layout I had:
I think it looks pretty good without the jewelry, but once it was on there, it didn't look very good. (Psst...don't you love that fabric! I managed to save enough for another mini project...keep scrolling!)

Here's the finished product:
Right now the board is just sitting in the frame since it's leaning against the wall. Eventually I'll need to either staple gun or wood glue it in (probably a little bit of both). I put all the knobs at the top so the longer necklaces would stay within the frame. I put earrings on the drawer pulls. Isn't it pretty? I feel like if I was lacking in art work for my walls, this could definitely pretty things up!

With my leftover fabric, I recovered my headband holder (aka a roll of paper towels + safety pins...easy, right?) and tied the ends with black satin ribbon:

I love looking at these two organizers next to each other! I'm not a naturally organized person (ask anybody who has known me for 5 minutes), but pretty organization is much more fun to keep up than boring organization!

Happy Tuesday!



Monday, July 23, 2012

Forget Me Knot

I've always been a little forgetful. When I was younger, my mom seemed to have this magical ability to find whatever I was looking for. Maybe having this sweet little ring would help me remember things a little better...

Obviously, the Tiffany ring is fabulously adorable, but, at less than a tenth of the price, the Fred Flare option is pretty smile-inducing, as well. Which would you go for?

Have a happy week!



Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Happies

Here are a few things that are making me happy right now...

My little nugget chewing his raw hide stick. He holds it with his paws. It's really too much.

A fun Lilly Pulitzer planner gifted to me by my boyfriend's mom. It even came with event-themed stickers (you can bet I put a big ol' cake sticker on my birthday). This may be the thing to make me actually want to organize my life.

And finally, this crazy cool t-shirt blanket my mom made me from some of my sorority/Clemson shirts. She is amazingly creative (she's currently making curtains for my new apartment), and I'm SO lucky to have such an awesome mama!!

What is making you happy right now?



Thursday, July 19, 2012

"If This Isn't Nice, I Don't Know What Is"

Summer is coming to a close pretty soon for this teacher. I'm moving to a new school this year and am more than a little nervous about planning and delivering the best I can for my new kids. Sometimes (OK, a lot of times), I can let this nervousness and stress get in the way of enjoying the abundance of happies around me. Hopefully, this blog will serve as a reminder to me (and anyone who stumbles across it) that there are a lot of things to be happy about. Personally, I am choosing to focus on the fact that I am drinking my second iced coffee and playing fetch with my dog while watching Burn Notice reruns right now instead of...well...a lot of other things.

If this isn't nice, I don't know what is.



Summer Lovin'

Even though I love all things accessories, I often find myself in a jewelry rut. I can typically be found sporting my trusty pearl earrings with maybe a few bangles if I'm feeling saucy. Still, and I know it's been a trend for quite a while now, I've been longing for some statement necklaces to dress up a simple dress or white t-shirt. Those, plus my pearl earrings, would definitely pull together a summer outfit for day or night.

Based on these pictures, I'm also clearly have a blue and coral/orange moment.

How do you dress things up on during these hot summer days and nights?



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I Have a Really Cute Dog

If we're going to be friends, it's important that you meet my really cute dog. I like him more than I like most people that I know. He's definitely cuter than most people I know.

He, like his mom, is a huge Clemson fan. He makes it to all home tailgates and loves to beg for tailgate food entertain the crowd.
He gets a little freaked out when I start packing for a trip, so he likes to remind me that he's on the list.
He loves to play fetch, cuddle, and chew on his (very teeny) raw hide sticks.
He is a big time mama's boy and follows me wherever I go like a duckling.
Meet Gatsby.

Hope you're having a great week!


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I Carry Your Heart

I'm moving in a little less than two weeks and am so excited to rethink my decor for the new place! Since I am (like I'm sure the rest of the world, it seems) obsessed with all things Pinterest, I've been taking some DIY ideas from there to start making some new things for the new place!

I found a couple ideas for canvas art and wanted to make one for my new bathroom. I wanted to try to balance colorful and neutral, so this worked out pretty well. At first, I wanted to do something like this (seriously? $281??), but my local Michael's didn't have wooden letters small enough. This project's a little closer to this one. Still, I think this turned out well for my first try.

Here's how I did it...

Supplies needed: canvas (I used 18" x 24"), acrylic paint in various colors (including whatever color you want to be the main/non-letter color), vinyl letters (I got mine from Office Depot), and paint brushes (duh.)

Step One: Paint the canvas all crazy-like. This is the fun part! I waited a while between colors so they wouldn't get all blended.

Step Two: Once all the pretty colors are dry, put on the vinyl letters with your quote/saying/poem. I used the first lines from one of my favorite poems. (Hey, I was an English major, OK?) I didn't take any pictures of just the letters, so...

Step Three: Paint the whole thing with your dark color. Here it is with a few letters peeled off:

Step Four: Peel off the letters (I used a steak knife to help) a little before the paint dries. Here's the finished project again!

I hope you're having a great week!!