Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the day off yesterday...this first week of school has me coming home exhausted every day! I may or may not have taken a two-hour nap AND gone to bed around 9:30 last night. I'm going to have to pull it together this weekend, though, because I'm so excited that the bf, some friends, and I are heading the Atlanta to watch our (Clemson) Tigers play! So excited football season is finally here!! Happy weekend!



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Buying Happiness

Can I get an amen? After being at school for 13 hours yesterday for school/Back to School night, ice cream was the only thing that could make me and my exhausted self feel like I could take on today. Hey, whatever works, right?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to School Night Outfit

I Pick Pretty is having a What to Wear link-up party today with a "Back to School" theme. As a teacher, I have seen some awesome and some truly unfortunate back to school outfits. Since my own back to school night is fast approaching, I thought it'd be fun to participate and come up with what I would love to wear as a teacher...

Sorry for the not-so-awesome Polyvore template; I'm a Polyvore newbie, so I'm still discovering how to make all those way cool templates. Anyways, for a back to school outfit, I don't think it's really a time to make a fashion statement, but you shouldn't be afraid to inject a little personality into what you wear. Because of this, I chose to keep things pretty simple and classic. I think the coral skirt is the main statement piece, but the cables on the cardigan, chain on the flats, and engravings on the bangle also keep classic pieces from being boring.

These pieces are just understated enough to not detract from what you need to say to the parents--you want them to hear you, not stare at your outfit all night! I think these are also all pieces that could be mixed and matched with other things to make lots of other outfits.

Happy back-to-school everyone! I know I'm excited to meet all my incoming scholars :)

(note on the skirt: After seeing it on a model, I think the skirt is a little short for back to school night, so I maybe wouldn't choose this exact one, but you get the idea)



Monday, August 27, 2012

Greek Yogurt Pops

Containers of ice cream are not safe in my freezer. I often buy ice cream and end up eating it way too quickly so that it is out of the house (and yes, I realize this makes no sense). I need pre-portioned frozen treats that I don't have to feel bad about eating.

Enter Greek yogurt pops! These things are SO easy and SO good! I may or may not eat a few for breakfast on non-school days. The recipe is way easy, and I don't really measure any of my ingredients, per se. Just a bunch of berries, plain greek yogurt, and honey mixed together and spooned into a popsicle mold. I would just recommend adding more honey than you normally is a dessert, after all.

Yum! A frozen treat you don't have to feel guilty about afterward!!

Happy eating!



Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Happies

Happy Friday! I hope you all have fabulous weekends planned! I'm excited to go to the farmer's market to stock up on yummy produce and to one of my best friend's wedding shower, but will otherwise probably be pretty laid back, as school is starting FOR REAL on Monday. Here are some things that are making me smile...

The new 652-page InStyle fall issue. O EM GEE. I'm not the biggest JLo fan, but something tells me with over 650 pages of lovelies, I won't really mind...reading this will be my reward for when I actually get my first unit planned...

Gatsby's precious face when I told him I would be going back to school next week. Just kidding, but I imagine he's thinking, "wait, so we can't play all day anymore?"

This pretty freebie that will definitely find a place in my classroom this year. As a classroom teacher, I support all of these statements!

Happy Friday! See you next week!



Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pinterest Confusion

Let me first say that about 99.9% of the time, I LOVE Pinterest ideas, recipes, and crafts with a capital L-O-V-E. But, every once in a while, I come across a pin that makes me tilt my head and wonder.

This picture has been circulating for a while:
The caption says something about it being a spray painted trash cab flipped upside down. Um...what? Does this confuse anyone else? Not that it isn't an adorable side table, but I have a hard time believing this was ever a trash can. For one, would you ever put a trash bag in there? If not, wouldn't the trash fall out the holes? If it's as tall as a sofa (or daybed, not sure what it's next to), isn't that maybe the tallest non-kitchen trash can you've ever seen?

The picture comes from this blog, which makes no mention of it ever being a trash can. So maybe someone pinned it and thought it looked somewhat trash can-ish? Not sure.

Of course, because I can't leave well enough alone, I was then driven to see if I could find a trash can that I would use as a side table...and I couldn't find one. I checked all the places I would typically go to for a trash can (Target, Walmart, the Container Store) and even some places I wouldn't (West Elm, Restoration Hardware). All of the "cute" trash cans are too short--I couldn't find one taller than a foot. That just won't do for a side table, right?

So I guess, for now, this pin has been debunked. Cute side table though!

Happy almost weekend!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Milk Glass Obsession

I love milk glass...its not-quite-opaqueness always seems like it has been around for generations, giving it such a sentimental look. I am always in need of little dishes, bowls, and trays to hold all the things I tend to leave in my wake as I move through the day. I'm especially looking for milk glass cake stands to make some of my less-pretty bathroom items (i.e. floss, toothbrush, etc.) a little more happy. So even though I have a definite item I'm looking for, I can't help but google "milk glass" and ogle all the pretties that come up in my image search...

Milk glass vases are the perfect combination of pretty-on-their-own and simple-enough-not-to-compete-with flower-prettiness.

While I'm sure this intricate pedestal bowl was meant for a higher purpose, I can't think of a more sophisticated way to keep track of my key's and the nugget's leash.

This may be the front runner for my bathroom catch-all. It would also be so pretty as a kitchen catch-all for dish soap, scrubbies, and rings for when you are washing those hard-to-clean pots and pans.

I feel like I'm ODing on green milky beautifulness. Stop it.

I think my favorite milk glass pieces are either the colored ones or the hobnail (bumpy) pieces...or hobnail colored pieces! (gasp!) Anyone else out there share this milk glass love?



Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Homemade Frame

I've had a pretty hand-painted picture from Prague (holy alliteration, Batman!) since I studied abroad one summer a few years ago, but hadn't displayed it until now. Why? Because apparently street artists in Prague don't necessarily create their pieces on standard frame-sized paper. It has traveled with me through four moves and now finally has found its resting place.

I created a "frame" from a piece of wood leftover from my jewelry organizer project. Other supplies I used: acrylic paint, spray adhesive, clear gloss spray paint, and eye hooks.

 I painted the edges navy blue first, which, in hindsight I should've done last. It made covering the little bit of blue that made it on to the front of the wood hard to cover with the tangerine color.

 I painted about three coats of a bright tangerine color (really thick on the edges to cover the navy) to get an opaque look.

 Here it is drying on my balcony after attaching the painting with spray adhesive and sealing the whole thing with clear gloss spray paint. Don't you love the painting? I think the orange paint makes the blues, greens, and grays really pop.

 I attached two eye hooks to the piece of wood to help with hanging.

Finished product (not hung yet; I need to get some navy ribbon first!)...and yes I know it's a little off-center, the result of some over-zealous spray adhesive-ing.

I think I'm going to hang this picture in my bathroom to give the space a pop of color.

I hope you're having a happy week!



Monday, August 20, 2012

Collector's Items

I have a love/hate relationship with collections. I love the idea of collecting little things over time, and I love the way things look in a place when they are displayed creatively. However, when I think of collections, my mind also tends to go to kitschy shelves of porcelain cats in a grandmother's dusty formal living room. So when I began looking at sweet vintage brass animals, I knew I was walking a fine line. But when you find a little bird wearing a crown, how can you not want to create a collection around him?

According to the description, he's cast iron gold (maybe spray painted?), not brass, but he is adorable. He's also on his way to my apartment as we speak, and I'm excited to find a place for him.

I also love these little guys (who are not on their way to my apartment--not quite ready to make the full-fledged collection plunge yet). I would just need a way to display them in a way that says "Look at my cool and interesting little brass animals, don't they make me also cool and interesting?" rather than "Look at my weird collection, I should get out more."

It's really the story that surrounds the objects that makes a collection interesting. I have a small collection of street art that I gathered while studying in various places in Europe during college, and each one makes me smile when I think of the experiences I had there. With that said, I realize snatching up every brass animal does not a collection make. So, for now, I'll be happy with my little crowned bird.

How do you display collections without it looking like you're a great aunt that collects plates with pictures of ducks on them?



Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Happies

Happy Friday!

Well, summer break officially ends today. I am really looking forward to getting back to a routine and am excited to get to know my new team. It's also my blog month-a-versary (that's a thing right?)! It's been so fun to have an outlet for all the pretty things that inspire me...thanks for reading!

Inspired by my recent move, (and by the fact that I've been cooped up for the past few days organizing things) here are some things that are making me happy this week...

This coffee table is amazing and is exactly what my living room needs to be complete. Bonus--the top comes off for awesome storage!! Coffee table fairy, are you listening?

My "dressing table" (aka Target desk) that is slowly coming together. I just need fresh flowers for the table and embellished tea lights or votives for the shelves flanking my jewelry organizer.

A teacup that belonged to my Noni on my mom's side. She also had beautiful delicate china with roses on it (Her name was Rosemarie) that now resides in my mom's dining room hutch.

A pretty glass vase of seashells from my hometown. My mom scooped up a bunch and sent them up with my dad...I love the reminder of home right next to the couch! It doesn't hurt that they pick up a lot of the colors in my apartment.

Have a happy weekend! I'm excited to go to lunch with a teacher friend from last year and finally get some a lot of school work done (you know...since school starts in 11 days...I should probably get on that...).



Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Ombre Art

I've been hanging art for the last couple of days, but couldn't decide on anything for above my bed. I used to have a wicker headboard that matched my bedside tables, but it wouldn't fit in my car during a move in Nashville, so it got left behind. Ever since, the space above my bed has seemed really empty. 

After seeing this tutorial, I knew that I had found my answer. Easy, cheap, big art that would make an impact...right up my alley! The painting in the tutorial is hot pink, but my bedroom called for a more subdued color. I chose an inky navy blue (and painted my lamps the same color) and just kept adding white to the paint for each step.

Final product...iPhone camera is not really doing it justice; I love looking at it when I walk in my room!

The entire project took about 10 minutes and was less than $ about bang for your buck! Happy hump day!



Linking up at Hi Sugarplum! (love her blog!):

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Impulse to Schush

Now that I'm almost settled in to my new apartment (only several piles of random clutter, instead of dozens), I'm battling the impulse to schush. I wish I could spell "schush" better, but since I don't think it's an actual word, that's the best I can do. It's not pronounced like "shush", maybe that helps? It's the impulse that lovers of design and pretty things have to keep adding design and pretty things to a space. At least I hope other people have this impulse, otherwise I may have some sort of schush-ing condition.

Here's my situation:
The paint in my whole apartment is the same beige color. I actually like it, but the kitchen paint is semi-gloss, while the rest of the place is flat. The maintenance guy said it's easier to wipe down (nice for a kitchen). Since the kitchen is open to the dining space, it looks like it goes from one color to another, somewhat awkwardly:

I find myself glaring looking at it sometimes, wondering what could minimize the look. Then, I found some decal-type backsplash stickers that could maybe do the trick:


What do you think? Would it look too sticker-y? I would stop it right where the paint finish changes, so would it just highlight the awkwardness of the finish shift? I want it to look like it was painted on, but since I'm renting, I don't want to actually paint. Should I resist my impulse to schush?

I'd love any thoughts...or just confirmation that others out there suffer from this same impulse to schush!



Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You Should Know...

Moving always puts me in the home decor shopping mood. Well, mood may be a slight understatement. I've been stalking design and DIY blogs and websites for months and now have enough stuff on my wish list to fill several houses for several thousand dollars. What can I say, I've got expensive good taste. Unfortunately, given that I don't receive my first paycheck from my new school for a month and a half (hello, Cup of Noodles), most of my dream projects and buys will have to be put on hold for the time being.

BUT, a girl can dream, right? Which is why I just HAVE to share the website shop Furbish. They have home stuff, furniture, vintage stuff, and jewelry. I seriously spent an hour and a half on this site last night after stumbling upon it...and...I want it all. Here are just a few finds that are just a little too fabulous:

Love this for cocktail hour on the porch.

While I'm not a hunter, I'm loving this rustic-with-a-wink look for a little bit of country in the city.

A classic piece with a color that doesn't take itself too seriously.

My jaw literally dropped when I saw this amazing piece. It's listed under the "one-of-a-kind" section on the site. I'll say.

These would be the perfect touch to sweeten up a look.

I think what I love most about all these pieces is that they look like they could all be found in the back corner of a thrift or vintage store. They have the look of being a "find" without having to dig through sometimes allergy-inducing vintage stores. I'll take one of each please!



Monday, August 13, 2012

Farmer's Market Finds

Happy Monday! This is my last week with completely free days because new teacher orientation is this Friday! I keep waiting for myself to realize that school is starting in 15 days, but I think with the move, I've been a little distracted. As soon as my new apartment gets more organized, I'll be posting a little home tour. I love it so far; it's the perfect size for me and a little nugget that seems to be settling in quite nicely...

In addition to moving this weekend, my dad, brother, and I went to Greenville's downtown farmer's market. The downtown one is a seasonal market, so it really feels like a treat! I've been trying to eat healthier and lose a bit of weight, so shopping there has really made me think of cooking with seasonal, fresh ingredients as a fun thing. How could you not get excited to cook with these beauties?

 A rainbow of peppers, from banana to habanero.

Heirloom tomatoes that make me want to give raw tomatoes another shot. (I've gotten over a lot of my childhood pickiness, but a raw tomato still makes me a little nauseous)

Here are some of my purchases from this weekend. Can't wait to get cooking!

My only disappointment was that there were no more blueberries to buy. I know you can still get them for seasonal prices in the grocery stores, but it made me a little sad to know they are on their way out. The market is only open on Saturdays through the end of October, so if you're in Greenville and haven't been, get on it!

Have a happy week!



Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Happies

Happy Friday! Here are some things that made me smile this week...

A love-ly coffee mug that holds a LOT of coffee.

Summery cups holding possibly my new favorite Gatorade flavor: Lime Cucumber. Delaware stuff is quickly eclipsing the Clemson stuff in my parents' house...oldest little bro ships out in two and half weeks. (Shout out to CM!)

Last weekend was tax-free weekend in Jacksonville, so my youngest brother and I hit the outlet malls. I came away with your typical teacher finds (cardigans and black pants), but also found these lovelies for a way discounted price. The pictures don't do them justice. I'm thinking the lace dress might be the key part of my first football outfit this season?

One of my buy one, get one sweatshirts from the Vans outlet. I guess Vans sweatshirt purchases are what happens when you shop with your 15-year-old brother? (Shout-out to CJ!)

Not a happy nugget: Gatsby had to be leashed to ensure he didn't terrorize the repair guy who came over on Wednesday. He was eventually content to bark and growl from the comfort of the recliner.

Have a happy weekend! Mine will be spent hanging out with my dad in Greenville, loading up on produce at the farmer's market, and organizing my NEW apartment!