Friday, September 28, 2012

Dog Shaming is Funny

Happy Friday! I got an email with dog shaming pictures from my parents this week and laughed out loud at just about every picture. Other teachers were looking at me because I was alone in my classroom during my planning period. I need to catch Gatsby in a dog-shaming worthy predicament and submit him to this site ASAP...

All pictures via

Have a happy weekend! I will be getting my hair cut and highlighted for the first time in FIVE MONTHS! Here's to getting rid of the reverse-skunk stripe!



Thursday, September 27, 2012

Birchbox Loves

Hello happies! I hope you're having a fabulous week! Just remember, Thursday is practically Friday, which means it's basically the weekend!

I got my September Birchbox a few weeks ago, and, among other lovelies, it contained these:

At first, I was not that excited about the color of the nail polish. It's called "Tweet Me", but another appropriate name would be "Tennis Ball Green". Given my choice of nail polish colors, it would not have been my first. But, then, it sat and stared at me from my bathroom counter long enough to make me rethink it's neon-yellowy-green-ness. After looking at all the awesome colors that seem to be dominating the scene this season (hunter green, burgundy, plum, etc.), I realized that this neon-y tennis ball color would actually make for an unexpectedly fabulous accent color. This color is now on my toes (don't worry, there are no foot pictures in your least not from this blog), and it makes me very happy. Next time I get a manicure, I'm thinking maybe a charcoal grey or navy blue with this color as the french tip fashion forward of me, right?

As for the nail polish remover pad, my first thoughts were, "what can a fancy schmancy nail polish remover pad do that my Walgreens acetone-based remover can't?" After I used it, my thoughts were more like, "how soon can I get more of these lovely, orange-scented nail polish remover pads??" And then I thought, "excuse me, 'fresh tuscan orange scent', not 'orange scent'." How do the LA Fresh people know that Tuscan oranges are so much more appealing than regular oranges? Maybe it's their Italian accent...anywho, buy these...they're cool.



Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Happy hump day!

Who out there loves coffee cake? Who out there loves coffee cake so much that you may or may not eat more than a normal person's serving size? Well, do I have the treat for you!

I found this lovely post while skimming through Food Gawker...a dozen mini mug cake recipes! Yeep! While they all look dee-licious, the coffee cake really caught my eye. Plus, I even had all the ingredients lying in wait in my cabinets.

As a warning, mine did not end up as beautiful as the one on the site (story of my life)...but it did end up so tasty that I may have made another one 10 minutes after finishing the first...
Don't let the small amount of batter fool you, this sucker puffs up beautifully.

Crumbly streusel topping is the crown jewel of this mini treat.

What it lacks in beauty, it more than makes up for in tastiness...make this now!

I followed the recipe as it was written, only I doubled the streusel recipe, because, let's be honest, who doesn't want more streusel?! A crazy person...that's who.

Enjoy this mini treat with a cup of coffee...I can't think of a better way to start a Wednesday!



Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What to Where Wear: Tailgate Edition

What's that you say? You weren't aware that "tailgate fashion" was a thing? I'm here to tell you that here in the SC, we take out tailgate outfits pretty seriously. No throwing on an orange t-shirt and jeans and calling it a day. No siree.

While I have grown to love the color combo in a "so ugly it's cute" sort of way, Clemson's colors (orange and purple) do not immediately give themselves to fashionable choices. It does get a little easier around fall, though, when pumpkin and plum get a little more trendy. Still, I usually tend towards the less-is-more philosophy when it comes to orange and purple. As long as there is something purple or orange in my outfit, I consider myself spirited.

As I have for the past few weeks, I've chosen dream outfits, as in, buying-those-boots-would-be-awesome-but-so-is-being-able-to-pay-my-rent outfits. I'm all for keeping it real, but I just have more fun picking dream outfits than shopping in my own closet. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Here are my thoughts for this week...

And of course, no Clemson tailgate outfit would be complete without my beloved class ring...

So now that I'm looking at how versatile all these pieces are, I'm starting to justify their purchase in my mind...this is how it starts...maybe next paycheck...

Thanks for hosting, I Pick Pretty!


Happy Tuesday!



Monday, September 24, 2012

A Case of the Mondays

Somebody had a little trouble waking up this morning...

Yes, that would be a fluffy little nugget head poking out from under the covers. And, no, I did not stage this photo...he actually sleeps under the covers every night. Good thing he doesn't shed.

Here's wishing you a Monday full of happies!



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do Anything

It's been one of those weeks where this has been my mantra. With progress reports, trying to get on the work out train, making sure my nugget gets loved on (yes, I'm talking about my dog), trying to make time to make healthy meals, planning lessons, making lesson materials, blah, blah's been a good week, but a tiring one. Here's to being anything, not everything.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Madewell Craving

When I opened my September Birchbox (more on that later), I was excited to not only find lots of mini-beauty pretties, but also this lovely...

A $25 off coupon to Madewell! Yeep!

I am obviously going to be using this to jump start my fall wardrobe because GUYS I GET PAID NEXT TUESDAY. Sorry, did that sound a little loud? It was meant to. I've got a few days to plan out my purchase as aided by this little happy. Here are some of my thoughts...

OK, so maybe I won't be investing in this over-budget lovely. But, c'mon, how could you not want this awesome fall dress in your closet?? Leather + Burgundy = Love

I've said before that fall is awesome not only for that burning smell and crisp weather that makes for awesome hair, but also for allowing you to play with textures in a way that summer just doesn't encourage. The dress needs to stop it with the nipped in waist, lace, inky yumminess.

Long-sleeved dresses are a no-brainer for fall. (But, can we Just Say No to the knee-sock-with-ankle-strap-shoes thing? Sorry, I'm not sorry.) I really like this color for some's beige without being so beige-y. That's a thing.

I deeply enjoy this sweater. The orange and grey combo is unexpected, and the over-sized fit makes me want to throw it on for either a walk in the park on a crisp day or a night in with wine and friends. Unexpected yet versatile is always on point in my book.

I'll take one of each please. Happy hump day!



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What to Wear Where: Fall Transition

Yay for another installment of What to Wear Where, hosted by I Pick Pretty! This week's theme is Fall Transition. Around these parts (South Carolina), "fall transition" is tracked (at least by me) by the gradual decrease in bugs and humidity, as opposed to the changing of leaves. We've had some cooler days that hint at what's to come, but then Mother Nature smacks us right in the face the next day with 90 degrees and humid, just to remind us where we are. What's a (wannabe) fashionable girl to do?

Here's what I threw together:

One of my favorite things about fall and winter is the variety of textures and richness of colors they welcome. During summer, it seems like the lighter the fabric, the better. But in fall and winter, you can layer interesting textures and rich colors that, even if they're bargain finds, look rich when put together. Fall may not start until this weekend, but I'm ready for it with this outfit!


Friday, September 14, 2012

Field Trips = Sleepy Teachers

Yesterday and today, 5th grade has been on day trips to a local state park to do group initiatives and some activities that tie in to one of their summer reading books, My Side of the Mountain. Overall, the kids are doing great, but field trips definitely make for some tired adults at the end of the day. So far, the kids have mostly fallen along gender lines into these too categories when it comes to the great outdoors:

At least at first, the girls seemed to think getting dirty was basically the same thing as enduring bodily injury.
The boys are not only embracing the outdoors, but seem perfectly happy to live there. During an activity in which the kids had 25 minutes to build a debris shelter, I'm pretty sure the boys' group would've had a multiple-room cottage with running water if we had given them another hour.
I'm looking forward to a fun weekend of Clemson football with friends! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PBJ Cookies

Whether you like it crusts off or on, the PBJ always seems to signal Back to School time. Personally, I love a chewy, soft bread with crunchy peanut butter and lots of strawberry jelly. Maybe toasted potato bread if I'm feeling feisty.

What better way to celebrate the return of school (and football, duh) by making peanut butter and jelly cookies?? I used this recipe (if you haven't checked out this blog, you are seriously missing out on some awesome dessert recipes), and they are seriously delicious! Make these for an after-school snack asap, please :)

Please excuse the fuzzy iPhone pictures...maybe someday I'll get a fancy-schmancy blog camera...

Slicing the peanut butter cookie "loaf"

Cute little cookie slices

Baked peanut butter "breads" awaiting the strawberry jelly

Up close and personal oozy jelly yumminess

I made these for our tailgate this past weekend. If you like PBJs, I promise you will LOVE these!



Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What to Wear Where: Girls' Night Out

I'm really enjoying coming up with outfits for I Pick Pretty's weekly What to Wear Where parties. I've mentioned it briefly before, but I'm in a bit of a dry period as far as money goes (started a new school this year and don't get a paycheck until end of September...yup, no paycheck from end of June to end of September...), so clothes shopping has dropped way down on the priority list. Online window shopping has created quite the wishlist, but that's all I'm allowing myself right now. Apparently when you're a self-sufficient adult, it's more important to pay your bills than stock up on your fall transition wardrobe...who knew?

Anyways, this week's theme is Girls' Night Out. I can't think of a better reason to throw on a bright dress and platform pumps than a night out with the girls.

Robert Rodriquez Lace Shift Dress, $398
Such a pretty color...and lace is a ladylike way to offset the short hemline.

These give great height, and the beige color makes your legs look super long.

What in the what?? This bracelet is off-the-chain. Pricey, though.

I love online window shopping, but I usually find covetable things that are way out of my price range, like the lovelies in this outfit. I would have to find similar items to these, since, while lovely, are maybe not worth forking over two months' rent.



Monday, September 10, 2012

Christmas in September!

My first Birchbox got here! It was like a little mini-Christmas of beauty goodies! Here's what I got in my box (all pictures are of the full-size product, but I got all mini/sample sizes)

I've always been a little wary of stains. I have no idea why, but I sometimes decide that I don't like something (usually food related, but this time not) just because of the way it sounds or how I imagine it will work/not work for me (for example, I don't like scallops...not because I've ever tried them, but because I imagine that they would make me gag for some reason). I always thought stains would be messy and too much color for some reason. I was so wrong. I love this stain...everything they say about that "just finished a cherry popsicle" look is true!

I've been wanting some of these for a while and now I want more! My box came with an orange one just in time for the first Clemson game. It's like they know...

I normally avoid all things Juicy (in my mind, I associate Juicy with butt-writing on sweatpants and Ed Hardy tees), but this actually smells really good. Is there a way to decant this perfume into a bottle that doesn't say Juicy Couture so I can save face but still have this really awesome perfume?

I actually needed shaving cream when I got my Birchbox (again, it's like they know...). Great as far as shaving creams go. I'll definitely use up my sample, but I don't know if this teacher's salary can support a $20 shaving cream habit.
I feel about this razor pretty much the same as I feel about the shaving cream. Great as far as razors go, (and I might keep using it because it came with a coupon for more cartridges) but it's a little expensive for a razor. That being said, it is a sharp knife that I choose to slide along my legs twice a week, so maybe I shouldn't spare expense on that?

I'm not sure if I'll detail what I get every month (unless you want to hear about it?) unless it's really exciting/life-changing. Thoughts?



Friday, September 7, 2012

Tufted Headboard Lust

When I moved out of my first Nashville apartment (I've lived in a different apartment/house every year since for the last 5 years...I've gotten pretty good at packing my life), I had to leave behind a white wicker headboard that matched my bedside tables. Well, "left behind in frustration after it wouldn't cram in my VW Bug" may be more appropriate phrasing than "had to leave behind".

Anywho, ever since I've lusted after tufted headboards. They just bring such an elegant cushiness (that's a thing) to a bedroom. I would feel very refined resting my head against one while reading InStyle magazine something by Tolstoy. They are plenty expensive from what I've seen, but there are also plenty of DIYs online...maybe one day I can sweet talk the bf into building me one.

Love them all! I may need a nap after ogling all that elegant cushiness (I said it's a thing).



Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's Been Too Long...

...since you've gotten to see this face:

Gatsby sitting with his Gatsby-sized tennis ball. This is his "puh-lease throw the ball" face.

Looking a little confused and wondering if the dresser drawer really is his new bed.
(Duh, of course not, he sleeps with me like a teddy bear every night)

Sleepy co-pilot. And yes, I do keep a dog bed in my passenger seat in case I bring the co-pilot along for the ride. Hey, people keep car seats in their cars for their kids, right?

Happy almost-weekend!



Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shake Off the Black Pants Blahs

During the week, I tend to fall into a rut of black or grey pants for school. As a 5th grade teacher, I usually move around a lot during class and sometimes have to squat down to get on a kid's level, so this uniform of sorts fits the bill nicely. However, sometimes you just get the black pants blahs and need a little refresher. Teaching is a weird job for clothing, though. I want to be able to move around and have to stand most of the day, so comfort is key; but, then again, I often interact with parents, administrators, and (most days) have enough self-respect to want to make myself somewhat presentable. Outfits have to walk this line or else I run the risk of looking inappropriate at some point in the day.

Skirts and dresses are perfect for shaking off the black pants blahs, but hemline is important! A 5th grade classroom is no place for a mini skirt and a tight-fitting sheath does not allow for the kind of movement that 10 year olds often require. Anthropologie and JCrew to the rescue!!

Nothing gets me through a hump day quite like a little fashion eye candy. Happy Wednesday!